are to be married

on the fifth of november 2011

and they are very excited.

you are invited.


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The Couple
Andrea, 28, was raised in the smallish suburbanite town of Roselle by her parents Lynn & Jim. She spent most of her childhood afternoons either crafting, drawing, roller skating or pretending along with her older siblings, Brooke & Ryan, and younger sibling, Aaron (by 22 minutes...that still counts). In fact, she still pretends quite a bit. Her favorite childhood story has always been The Giving Tree & at least once a year she snuggles up to a disproportionately large cup of coffee and soaks in the nostalgia of her favorite childhood movie, Anne of Green Gables. In high school Andrea used to sing quite a bit and like many others in the “band” stage of her life, she attempted to write some of her own songs. After accepting that she wasn't really the performing type she decided to get her bachelors degree at NIU for Psychology with a minor in Art. Analyzing everyone else was much more fun. Shortly thereafter, she went back to school for Photography & just recently she snagged a job at Sears' Corporate Studio as a Prepper where she helps work on the creation of imagery used in Sears' circular ads. Which brings us up to date. Currently, she spends most of her evenings surrounded by coffee either crafting, decorating or dreaming of her and David's future and....their big day!

David, now 30, is the favorite son of Edward and Sophie Gurak. Raised in Schaumburg along with his older sister Diana, David spent his childhood much like he spends his adult years today: computers, tv and video games. From the day his uncle gave him his very own Nintendo Entertainment System, his future was pretty much laid out for him. He liked pushing buttons. When he wasn't playing games or staying up all night with his first computers, he was a typical 80's child. This, also, hasn't changed very much. On any given day, there are good odds you can still find him listening (and maybe even dancing) to an old Michael Jackson CD or re-experiencing old TV shows and movies. After high school, David moved on to obtain a bachelors degree in computer science at Devry University, and today he gets to happily push buttons all day at a small company called Tripar where he programs and builds things. However it's not all nerdy programming for David. Like Andrea, he is also a person driven by creativity. He has designed many websites (including this one!), worked in graphic design, dabbled in video editing, and written and recorded music. David tends to be one of the vocally quieter ones in a crowd, but he always finds a way to express himself.

David and Andrea met in March of 2002, unintentionally introduced through their mutual friend, and now Best Man, Mike Phelps. The sparks that ignited from the very first conversation they had (which lasted approximately 11 hours) left them basically inseperable ever since. Their favorite things to do together include going on long road trips, soaking in fall festivities, visiting small towns such as DeKalb and Long Grove and exploring all the shops, and cuddling up on the couch with their favorite TV shows such as Lost, Dexter, Gilmore Girls, and Friends. As a couple, one of the foundations in their relationship is to “appreciate everything”, small and large. They like to take their time, enjoy and talk about the details, and share in the moment. Though they didn't “officially” begin dating until September 2002, they pretty much count their anniversaries from the day they met, which will be about 9 years and 7 months from the day of their wedding. Sure, they've had a very long (and excellent) courtship, but after all that time they still share that “newly-in-love-like” excitement about getting married. However, they are not looking forward to resetting their anniversary count back to zero.

The Proposal

Our proposal is one of our most cherrished memories!
It's much too long to include here, but we invite you to
go to our other website that has pictures and videos
from the big event at

The Wedding Party
Jim and
Lynn Dennis
Parents of
the Bride
Kristen Dennis
Maid of Honor
Brooke Dennis
Rachel Taylor
Kaylin Pappas
Flower Girl
Edward and
Sophie Gurak
Parents of
the Groom
Mike Phelps
Best Man
Carl Kusch
Ryan Dennis
Logan Pappas
Ring Bearer
David Pappas
Diana Pappas
Aaron Dennis
The Ceremony
St. Walters Church
130 West Pine   •   Roselle, IL 60172
The Reception
Empress Banquets
200 E Lake St   •   Addison, IL 60101
The Hotel
Hampton Inn & Suites
November 4th-6th
Book under the Gurak & Dennis Wedding Block using this link,
or call 630-495-9511 and mention our wedding.
1685 W Lake St   •   Addison, IL 60101
Maps & Activities

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Gift Registry
Pottery Barn
Bed Bath & Beyond